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I'm going to lose it! I allowed my brother in law to use my debit card several times to pay his Direct TV bill.

My name is not on the direct tv account. When we used the automated system it asked if we wanted the account linked to the direct tv account. I always said no. He stopped paying and was disconnected.

Today they took $443.57 from my account. I didnt realize it until the middle of the night. Of course theres no customer service at direct tv in the middle of the night. My lease is up in 27 days and I'm meeting a homeowner to put a deposit and first months rent on a house at 8:30 this morning.

This was my nest egg for the house. Now I wont have enough money! I'm so screwed! Can they do this?!?!

Just take money from an account that doesnt belong to the customer! Even if I can get my money it will take several business days. Can a demand a check?

I need my freaking money now.. this is so wrong.

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Hmmm you give someone a card to pay bills not in your name ...all companies keep cards on file. The guy could have approved use of the last card number used on his time pay your own bills only...if you want to help pay someone else's bill give them cash to put in their own account


:cry and did you learn anything???

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